Fairy Tail Guild

fairy tail guild

Fairy Tail Guild

Fairy Tail guild first place seemed to be located in the particular Kingdom of Fiore, on the the southern part of seacoast from the nation inside Magnolia Community exactly where it had been the only real guild (until the particular appearance connected with Twilight Ogre. It had been located in the particular south from the town not really far from the particular seacoast, and the guild seemed to be based regarding 4-5 kms in the Magnolia main way.fairy tail guild

When the key and strongest members of Fairy Tail disappeared for seven long years, the other guildmates could not maintaining Fairy Tail guild 1st building because of lack of jobs then it come to a foreclosed. When they left, that they shifted in to a small pub, that sits on top of a little hill, in addition to get started for their base of operation.

Nevertheless when they turning up back in Magnolia village soon after their own success with the Grand Magic Games, the fairy tail guild primary building recently been rebuilt in the middle of the city by the folks of Magnolia village as an incentive for their success victory at the Grand Magic Games.

History Fairy Tail Guild

It had been said that the founder of Fairy Tail was an actual Fairy. It is known that Mavis Vermilionfairy tail guild

is the one who founded the fairy tail associated with Precht, Walrod Cken and a great unnamed Mage within the year of X686. The first Master of Fairy Tail was Mavis Vermilion. Mavis’ grave is situated on Fairy Tail’s holy ground, Tenrou Isle.In the last few year Fairy Tail ┬áhave been grown dominance and strength although Fairy Tail has been around for at least several decades. With this exponential growth then other large guild would became their rival, Phantom lord as described by the folks in the country. When the key member disappeared the fairy tail force dramatically dropped, however been brought back up by the returns of the core members.

S-Class Mage Promotion Trial

Within the Fairy Trail Guild, the Trial (S-Class Mage Promotion Trial) is surely a celebration that presented yearly, the trial where the Master decides on probably the most exceptional member to attend a trial for being offered to S-Class Mages. Every year the trial run takes a different approach along with the location likewise. Current S-Class Mages would likely encourage to take part in the Trial, to improve the difficulty of Trial and the task to make the trial even more difficult to finish.


Fantasia Fairy Tail Guild

An event or they like to call parade held each year for the The Harvest Festival exactly where almost all Fairy Tail guild Mages display their Miraculous in a fantastical performance. The festival not only within the members but by the complete inhabitants within Magnolia.

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